A Short Guide to Musculoskeletal System Examination

History General Examination Local Examination Inspection Attitude Deformity (Alignment) Limb length discrepancy) Swelling Wasting Soft tissue contours Bony contours Skin over the region Palpation Local rise of temperature Tenderness Palpation of bones, joints and soft tissues of the region Movements Active range of movement Passive range of movement Any pain, sound or axis deviation during … Continue reading A Short Guide to Musculoskeletal System Examination

Flail chest

Please note... This is my article published in http://www.orthopaedicprinciples.comhttp://orthopaedicprinciples.com/2013/01/flail-chest/ Thoracic injury is the direct cause of 25% of deaths after trauma and is a contributory factor in another 25% of deaths. Most of these deaths are due to blunt thoracic trauma and flail chest can be a major component of these injuries. Early mortality in … Continue reading Flail chest