Acetabular labral tears

Labrum increases the stability of hip, increases the surface area for weight bearing and provides proprioception. It increases stability by deepening the acetabulum and also by acting as a seal to maintain negative intra-articular pressure. Acetabular labral tears are associated with capsular laxity, femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI), acetabular dysplasia and chondral lesions. They are seen in … Continue reading Acetabular labral tears

Metastatic bone disease

Main Points Skeleton is the third most common site for metastasis. Metastatic disease is the most common malignancy of bone. Portends high morbidity and limited survival. Seen in areas with hemopoetic marrow. Classified as lytic, sclerotic and mixed. Metastasis is a complex multistage event which involves 2way communication between the tumour cells and three different … Continue reading Metastatic bone disease