Examination of the Hip Joint

Introduction Introduce yourself Get consent of patient or the parent for examination. Note down the name, age, sex, race and occupation of the patient. Adequately expose the patient. Make sure that external genitalia is adequately covered and the patient is comfortable and relaxed. Explaining why you need to expose and the steps of examination will help in … Continue reading Examination of the Hip Joint

Clinical Examination of Lower Limb Deformity

When a child is born, it has 10-15 degrees of physiological genu varum, 5 degree internal tibial torsion and external rotation contracture of the hip. It reaches the maximum by about 9-12 months. This usually gets corrected to neutral by the age of 18-24 months then the limb develops a valgus angulation, which reaches the … Continue reading Clinical Examination of Lower Limb Deformity